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U.S. and Michigan Chambers of Commerce Weigh In on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

By Amy DeGeer Roten

Last week, the Biden Administration rolled out its Infrastructure Plan. The Plan asks for $2 Trillion, some of which will be used to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

Infrastructure projects are known to create jobs and foster economic growth. Repairing and upgrading America’s infrastructure generally has bipartisan support, however, opinions differ on how to fund these long-term projects.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce both shared opinions on the Plan. Please take a minute to read their statements:

Chamber of Commerce: Biden Infrastructure Plan ‘Dangerously Misguided’ (

Biden Administration Releases Infrastructure Plan – MI Chamber

The MBA is dedicated to advocating for all businesses in Midland County and the region and supports the  Build by the 4th initiative.

“We were pleased to sign on to the U.S. Chamber’s Build by the 4th initiative,” said MBA Vice President of Advocacy, Diane Middleton. “Our country direly needs upgrades to our infrastructure. I encourage readers to visit the web page for Build by the 4th and review the tenets that the U.S. Chamber is hoping to see in an infrastructure proposal. We will be watching the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan as it progresses through negotiations. I expect our members will have concerns about elements of the President’s new plan.”




Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges for 2021

By Amy DeGeer Roten

Last year saw constant disruption for business. The pandemic spurred a quick shift to remote work which has opened more opportunities for cyber thieves. While small businesses sometimes feel their size equals less risk, it actually can make them a target.

Here are two quick articles from BizTech Magazine that will help businesses large and small with security tools and emerging technologies to address the needs of today.

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