What’s Your Input on Lower Driving Costs?

With the state’s budget season upon us, Michiganders are hearing plenty about the high cost of driving in this state, and proposals that will potentially increase or decrease those costs. We don’t expect the state budget to be finalized, or the any deals to be hammered out until several months from now, although it’s evident this is a priority for both the state Legislature and Governor Whitmer.

With a March 27th announcement by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association to increase their assessment on insured vehicles by $28 (from $192 to $220) beginning July 1st, drivers are especially focused on efforts to rein in insurance costs. The average Michigan driver is paying $900 more annually than the average US driver for his/her auto insurance, according to the Michigan House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates.

What would you do if that $900 were back in your family’s pocket? Maybe you’d put it toward home improvement purchases, go out to eat a little more frequently, spend it on arts & entertainment tickets, or simply it back into your monthly budget. Maybe you’d even donate to a charitable cause. Well, imagine if auto insurance rates for every Michigan driver were lowered, how much money that might put back into our state’s economy.

Now there’s an easy way to join the conversation. The Michigan Senate Republicans want to hear from you, on what you’d do with the extra dollars if your auto insurance rates were lowered. Go to IfMiRatesWereLower.com, and share your thoughts.