Updated Workplace Guidelines Issued by MDHHS on Friday

This past Friday, the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services issued new guidelines. If your business includes office settings, keep reading for this essential update.

In response to an increasing number of outbreaks in offices, and in addition to the previously-released guidelines, MDHHS has announced this enhanced restriction. Text directly from MDHHS’s announcement:

“The responsibility to maintain a safe workplace is paramount, and strongly suggests that employers should allow their employees to work from home if possible. In order to minimize the presence of individuals gathered in work settings where COVID-19 may spread, employers should only permit in-person work when attendance is strictly required to perform job duties.

A “strict requirement” for in-person work means that a worker is unable to physically complete required job tasks from a remote setting (e.g., like a food service or auto assembly worker, or a job involving protected data that cannot be accessed remotely).

It should not be construed as permitting in-person work solely because working remotely may result in decreased productivity or efficiency (i.e., because an employee may be more effective / efficient in person) or because of there may be additional costs related to performing work remotely (i.e., costs for equipment like laptops, VPNs, software licenses).”

You may read the entire PDF document at this link. And, the most critical resources are posted here on our website.

The Midland Business Alliance will keep the business community informed as public policy continues to be set in response to the COVID-19 situation.