Midland Business Alliance Supports Midland County Millage Renewals in August 4 Election

The Midland Business Alliance (MBA) approved support of the county-wide millage requests presented to Midland County voters during the election on August 4, including mosquito control, Road Commission, Midland County Central Dispatch (9-1-1), and County Connection.

“The business community in Midland benefits both directly and indirectly from the public services provided by the four county-wide milllage renewals, including 911, mosquito control, roads, and County Connection,” said Tony Stamas, MBA President and CEO. “But, these services also enhance the quality of life for residents, and are a few of the many amenities that make Midland a great place to work and live. The proposals are simply renewals; not an increase. We encourage voters to vote yes on all four millages.”

The MBA works as the voice of Midland’s businesses, advocating on behalf of 3,000 businesses on issues related to business, and supports sound governing policies; therefore the MBA’s Business Advocacy Council and then MBA Board of Directors supports these millages because of these main reasons:

  • Midland County Central Dispatch (9-1-1) provides the only primary emergency services answering point for all of Midland County, with an annual call volume of approximately 83,000, or one call per resident of Midland County, proving its essential nature in our community.
  • Midland County Central Dispatch (9-1-1), as a separate authority from Midland County, is funded by millage, technical surcharge, and training.
  • The County’s two road millages, each 1.0 mills and renewed in alternating even years, are designed to aid the City of Midland, City of Coleman, Village of Sanford, and the Midland County Road Commission in helping to maintain and improve existing roads and bridges, culverts, drainage systems, and signs and signals.
  • The Midland County Road Commission has played a critical role in restoring the safety and transportation systems to the residents and businesses of Midland County following the dam failure of May 2020, requiring the Road Commission to quickly and completely pivot its staff and resources, and re-prioritize its 2020 work plan.